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Establishing a starting point

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I initially wanted to establish a blog simply about weight loss which I did when I created a blog via another well-known website. However after numerous issues with lost posts and being unable to access my account for days if not weeks I decided to move base and establish a blog that was more personal as I realised that weight loss isn’t simple, it’s not the entirety of a person and day-to-day happens is a huge factor in the ability to be successful. For one I am a full-time university student, I also work part-time at a school, I live with my long-term partner as well as being a child minder for my niece and like many others I am sure wish there were a few more hours in the day. So after much deliberation I decided that this blog would charter my journey to lose weight and be within my healthy weight range for my height or also known as body mass index (BMI) and document how everyday life can effect this journey and how I plan to overcome these events.

If you know me from my previous blog you will know that from a young age I have had a very negative relationship with my weight and my approach to weight loss. I’ve been that person who got bullied for looking different and I still am that person who people feel the need to remark on as I walk down the street. But I am a firm believer in being the best of who you can be, I was always told as a child and even now “as long as you tried your personal best and gave it your all, that’s all that matters”.  I need to lose weight to be within a healthy weight range for my height but I know that journey isn’t going to be a smooth path, I’m pretty sure at points it will be more like competing in the Grand National but as long as I give it my best when jumping over those hurdles I know I can be proud of myself.





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  1. It never is a smooth path, but it is about having dedication and having heart and it seems like you have had that from your experiences in the past. I know you can do it and look forward to following your journey!


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