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That last straw

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Hitting 270lb wasn’t my final straw moment, in fact I tried to convince myself that the number meant nothing but in actual fact it should have been screaming at me that I needed to do something about my weight. I confess to have been a yo-yo dieter and never sticking to a diet plan long enough to reach my ideal weight but I also never had a ‘last straw’ moment neither.

I know some individuals who didn’t have a last straw moment and decided they needed to lose weight on their own and were successful at doing do, that’s great, fantastic even and I admire these people who do so. But for me I needed something more, something that give me that kick, that push in the right direction, that sheer terror, that lowest of the low point to change my life.

My sheer terror came on Friday before last (July 17th) when on the day of my good friends wedding I couldn’t fit into a dress I had worn a couple of months previous. I had put on that much weight and in a considerably short period of time that I couldn’t fit into a dress that by the way I mistook for a blanket when folded up. I was poorly at the time and so this made me feel even worse. Panicked I rushed to find clothes that would be an appropriate for the occasion and found a pair of black trousers and a ‘flowly’ blouse. They were too on the tight side but I didn’t have the time to purchase anything else and I couldn’t let my good friend down so I sucked it up. In fact I sucked it IN all night. That’s when I hit my lowest point. I had my photo taken that night and to my horror the next day my friends had already plastered them across Facebook, tagging me into every picture. If it had been my own photos I would have deleted them or kept them for my viewing only but because I didn’t get that choice all of my friends and family whom I haven’t seen for months, possibly years now knew how much weight I had gained and how unhealthy I had gotten.

Totally mortified from that whole experience I realised that this was it. This was my last straw moment, I had to do something about it now before those photos became my ‘slim’ photos and I had gained even more weight. I needed to stop hidding my appearance from others due to being ashamed of how I looked and do something about it.

So being a student I did what I do past. I hit the books.

Calorie counting was going to be my choice of weapon. Aided by the knowledge that 3500 calories equated to 1lb in weight I set my targets. I pulled together my resources, my Polar exercise watch, band and calorie ‘worker-outer’ and hit it hard.

Two weeks later I’m 7lb down, I’m determined and pushing forward.


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  1. Good for you! Keep up the good work 🙂

    My moment came, when my doctor told me that if I didn’t lose the weight I would need surgery at some point in the future.

  2. Wow Jem! Keep going sweetie. It’s hard, I know it is. But it is definitely going to be worth it!


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